Accounting books - Accounting office Warsaw MK Consulting

We offer professional and reliable outsourcing of accounting services tailored to your needs. Our services include:

  • Maintaining accounting records compliant with the Accounting Act, tax regulations, and corporate chart of accounts.
  • Conducting VAT settlements and maintaining VAT registers for goods and services.
  • Preparation and timely submission of monthly SAF-T reports to the tax office (uniform control file).
  • Efficient management and settlement of various income taxes: corporate income tax (CIT), tax on civil law transactions (PCC), withholding tax, real estate tax, among others.
  • Electronic submission of corporate income tax CIT-8, tax on goods and services - VAT-7, tax on goods and services VAT-EU, tax identification number - NIP-8, and other requisite declarations to the tax office.
  • Managing records of fixed assets and equipment.
  • Accurate preparation of mandatory annual financial statements.
  • Tailored reporting for entities such as the Central Statistical Office, National Bank of Poland - NBP, National Court Register, Marshal's Office, City Offices, and other regulatory bodies.
  • Maintaining regular communication with tax offices, the National Court Register (KRS), and the Central Statistical Office (GUS).
  • Customized preparation of additional reports and statements to suit the specific needs of our clients.
  • Client representation before tax offices.
  • Proactive accounting and tax advisory services.

Our cooperative principles are flexible, allowing us to adapt the scope of our services precisely to your individual needs and expectations. The pricing for our accounting services is contingent upon the service scope and the volume of documents.

Phone: +48 504 226 202