We meticulously examine the accuracy of accounting and tax records, conducting thorough analyses of the current book status, and provide comprehensive suggestions for corrections.

Areas Covered in the Verification of Accounts:

  • Ensuring accuracy in accounting records, adherence to the Accounting Act, and compliance with tax regulations
  • Validating the precision of tax on goods and services VAT settlements (including declarations, registers, JPK/ SAF-T reports)
  • Confirming the accuracy of income tax calculations: corporate income tax (CIT), tax on civil law transactions (PCC), withholding tax, real estate tax, etc.
  • Reviewing prepared tax returns such as corporate income tax CIT-8, VAT-7, tax on goods and services VAT-EU, tax identification number NIP-8, and other tax returns
  • Verifying the proper preparation of financial statements in line with the Accounting Act, ensuring consistency with book records and accuracy in presentation
  • Compilation of audit minutes, including the submission of conclusions and proposals

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