We offer comprehensive accounting oversight at our clients' premises, assuming the responsibilities aligned with a Chief Accountant's role within the company. Our supervision entails meticulous formal and accounting scrutiny of records, ensuring accuracy in accounting entries, and providing support for the preparation of crucial reporting documents such as declarations and financial statements.

Scope of accounting supervision:

  • Reviewing accounting records to ensure compliance with the Accounting Act, tax regulations, and the company's chart of accounts
  • Verifying the accuracy of tax on goods and services VAT settlements (including declarations, registers, JPK/ SAF-T reports)
  • Ensuring precision in income tax calculations: corporate income tax (CIT), tax on civil law transactions (PCC), withholding tax, real estate tax, and other related assessments
  • Validation of prepared tax returns: CIT-8, tax on goods and services VAT-7, tax on goods and services VAT-EU, tax identification number NIP-8, and other tax returns
  • Supervision or direct involvement in the preparation of financial statements: balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement
  • Providing information and guidance on accounting and tax regulations

For inquiries or further information on our accounting supervision services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone: +48 504 226 202