Tax advisory Accounting office Warsaw - MK Consulting


Our proficient tax specialists and collaborating advisors extend their expertise to offer precise guidance on tax laws and provide comprehensive opinions on presented complex topics.

We offer advice on:

  • Selecting the appropriate business type
  • Optimal forms of taxation
  • How to execute specific transactions to reduce tax burdens
  • Optimizing tax burdens and employee benefit costs


  • Conducting an analysis of your contracts for regulatory compliance and your benefit
  • Addressing all your queries related to the legal and tax aspects of your business
  • Performing a thorough tax audit of company documents
  • Representation and unwavering support during tax inspections at all procedural stages
  • Filing appeals against tax authority decisions to the Administrative Court

For further details regarding our tax consultancy services, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Telephone: +48 504 226 202